Curd The Lion

Book cover of The Amazing adventures of Curd the Lion in the Land at the Back of Beyond

Can the Twins, Henry and Henrietta recover the brooch from the Great Raven before they are sent off to the charity shop? Follow the group on an illustrated adventure filled with nonsense and puzzles.

Flight Of Birds

Book cover of Flight of Birds

Katie tells her the story of this place: of a massacre in the name of religion, of imprisonment, rape, torture and murder. It is a story that comes alive in the telling, as its victims rise up in vengeance to engulf Kate and all around her...

  • CURD THE LION ON 32,000+ WORLDWIDE. (Oh, and an old Alice in Wonderland poster) 22nd July 2020
    No news is good news, right?Well, if you class being ignored by British publishers as being no news, and iff you class that as good news, well then...(But at least some kids are buying and reading it, somewhere in the world)So, to keep my multitudinous blog readership happy, as Delia Smith would say: “Here’s one […]
  • The old twelve ball conundrum 22nd July 2020
    I was just reminded of my ‘triumphant’ [ ;) ] solution to a mathematics puzzle while at the The Daily Telegraph!It had evaded a young man (80+) ever since since uni days and he wrote to the paper asking to know the answer before he popped his clogs.Normally solved algebraically (which I can’t stand), I […]
  • Amelia 10th April 2020
    I do not post frequently anymore - given that it is pointless speaking to an empty auditorium - and social media are so full of garrulousness that the resulting cacophony constitutes white noise, a cavernous emptiness.But here is a short story that forms both a stand alone tale from my AnaThema (poems and short stories) […]