Curd The Lion

Book cover of The Amazing adventures of Curd the Lion in the Land at the Back of Beyond

Can the Twins, Henry and Henrietta recover the brooch from the Great Raven before they are sent off to the charity shop? Follow the group on an illustrated adventure filled with nonsense and puzzles.

Flight Of Birds

Book cover of Flight of Birds

Katie tells her the story of this place: of a massacre in the name of religion, of imprisonment, rape, torture and murder. It is a story that comes alive in the telling, as its victims rise up in vengeance to engulf Kate and all around her...

  • Curd the Lion book at over 30,000 copies sold 4th September 2019
    Thanks to China.At least twice as many Chinese as English have now bought and read the book - a small irony for a story with plenty of word play, riddles and stuff!Are English publishers /agents too sniffy or hung up on Lewis Carroll (it had been ‘likened unto’ by various commentators - which apparently raises […]
    How, you may ask?Because it has sold 19,000 in China and South Korea. The Chinese publisher has just renewed the contract for a further five years!It had sold £135,000-worth in the UK before the ‘dashing’* James Daunt put a spanner in the works by banning all-day signings in Waterstones - my forte - talking kids […]
  • #SuicideAwareness. The Tale of Boy-who-was-Fish. 31st December 2016
    Here is my parabolic tale told in the style of a Just-so story on the ‘expunging’ of emotional vulnerability in men. It may not resonate with many, but I offer it for what it is worth.“The Tale of Boy-who-is-Fish”(a tale told somewhat in the style of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just-so’ stories by Alan Gilliland.)Boy-who-is-Fish is swimming, […]