Curd The Lion

Book cover of The Amazing adventures of Curd the Lion in the Land at the Back of Beyond

Can the Twins, Henry and Henrietta recover the brooch from the Great Raven before they are sent off to the charity shop? Follow the group on an illustrated adventure filled with nonsense and puzzles.

Flight Of Birds

Book cover of Flight of Birds

Katie tells her the story of this place: of a massacre in the name of religion, of imprisonment, rape, torture and murder. It is a story that comes alive in the telling, as its victims rise up in vengeance to engulf Kate and all around her...

  • Alan Gilliland’s illustration portfolio samples 7th May 2015
    As my illustration website was hijacked by spammers and taken down, I thought I would share these sample pages of my portfolios, cover a range of subjects, styles and media.Oh, and I have joined the AOI today (Association of Illustrators).
  • Work in progress: The Thirteenth Floor 29th April 2015
    In progress (I am really very keen to get this one off the ground):The Thirteenth Floor. Teen murder thriller / spacetime travel. First and last chapters and synopsis. Loved by children’s TV/film maker, Maddie Darrell of Darrell MacQueen (I hope you don’t mind me quoting, Maddie): “I have now read the Thirteenth Floor – a […]
  • Curd the Lion in porcelain or is it China? 16th April 2015
    First results from China simplified Chinese edition show 7,654 copies sold!(Bringing my worldwide total to around 18,000 sold) A big “thank you” to all those in China kind enough to buy my book! Tell your friends, please?